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What is LLP Name Change?

Throughout the business, LLP may be required to change its name to portray the new activities adopted by LLP or to reflect the new brand developed in the market. In both the cases, LLP can change name subject to provision of LLP regulations and LLP Agreement.

Any LLP which is legally registered as per the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 is allowed to change its name at any given time during its working after gaining approval from the appropriate authorities higher up.

Reasons for LLP name change:

1. Mergers and amalgamation
2. The shift in business activity
3. New brand development
4. LLP Name Availability
5. Before commencing the change name process, decide on a name and verify the name availability. If the name is available, then an application for Reservation of Unique Name can be made on the MCA portal to reserve the name for 3 months.

Following sections of LLP Act 2008, deals with the change of name:

1. Directions received from the C.G. (Central Government) (Section 17 of LLP Act, 2008)
2. Suo moto basis (Section 19 of the LLP Act, 2008)
As the name of the LLP is also mentioned on the LLP agreement, Pan card, Tan Number, GST Registration, after its change, must also be altered.
For any reason, if you wish to change your LLP name, there’s a defined procedure to be followed. In case any of the procedure is not followed, Name Change cannot be given effect to, by ROC.

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Documents Required for LLP Name Change

  • Attested copy of consent letters from the rest of the partners
  • Board resolution stating that the Board wants a name change
  • Trademark Certificate of the name if it has been registered
  • NOC if the name is already under the Trademark register
  • Authorization allowing the partner to file Form 1
  • Certified Copy of LLP Agreement

Steps to Change LLP Name

Step 1

Pass Resolution

Step 2

Submission & verification of documents

Step 3

Filing of Documents

Step 4

Company Name is Changed

Fill Simple Checklist

A compliance manager will get in touch with you to collect your documents along with a simple checklist. You need to fill up that checklist and submit along with your documents for verification. Our team of experts will verify the documents provided by you and take the procedure further. The compliance manager dedicated to you will keep you updated on the progress of Company Registration throughout the process.

Name Approval

Once your documents along with Checklist are submitted, we shall proceed with the application of your Digital Signature and subsequently the approval of your name for your Private Limited Company. You may suggest up to three names of your choice. Names should be unique and suggestive of the Company’s business. We will proceed with application for name for your Private Limited Company in Part A of SPICe Plus form.


We will draft the MOA (Memorandum of association) and AOA (Articles of association). We will file the incorporation documents with MCA through in part B of a form called “SPICe Plus (SPICe +)” along with the subscription statement. Usually, MCA approves the forms within 4-5 days once filed and issues Incorporation Certificate with CIN. PAN & TAN are allotted alongside. You may then proceed to open your Company Bank Account.

FAQs On Limited Liability Partnership Name Change