India Tax Filling is a body comprising of professionals with intellectual capability. We are focused in each possible way so that we can offer you the best tax planning alternatives, moving through a conservative approach towards aggressive, counting on the risk factor too so that you get the best option to choose for. Our team has the best in business professionals some from the independent practicing consultant and a few from the corporate world. Our dedicated team comprises of Charted Accountants, Company Secretaries, Charted Engineers, and Lawyers, Technology Specialist from IIT Alumni, Cost and Management Accountants. Our specialized skilled team has the experience of working under the toughest of the situation and we value the ideas of the young brain so with the experience we have few mixed young types of blood that provide the boost with the experienced reliable team. To be the best it is not necessary to beat the rest but surely need to beat the best competitor and to beat them we have the best skillful team which stands out among the rest as well as best. Having set up ourselves in the Indian market that too strongly we with our team is now aiming towards international markets. We make sure that whatever services we provide to you the quality remains the best till the very end.

Legal Services

Imagine yourself conquering the world with your business ideas. Success will be a sure shot companion if you have the right content with its execution. But success is like a gift package you don’t know that the next moment what will it offer. Sometimes success leads to a derivation of new problems that need to be handled legally and that SENXIA legal does for you. In this world, it is not easy to sustain where power and money speaks and has its most valuable shares. So where to go this will lead you towards us, we provide and help you out with even minute problems that you need to deal with legally. All of such at an affordable rate. There are many holes that may cause the ship sink but SENIXA will fix it for you. Making it soothe legally for you is our motto.

Our Approach as a Strategic Partner

What if we provide you with the same answers to every question that you throw towards us? It is easy to work on a single approach but hard to maintain the customer’s reliability on us. We never plan for your problems, we precisely work on the answers that would uplift you among others. Our approach always remains towards the best possible ways to assure you success. In that hardship, we continuously try to achieve and upgrade ourselves so that when you approach us we remain as your most reliable and trusted strategic partner. In a brief note, we align our self to adjust your IT system with your business objectives, planning, and scalable support till the end. We try to specialize in technical support so that next time any issue arises SENIXA becomes the first to approach with. Innovation is the new key towards success and that is our way to conquer the problem coming out with new solutions each time even if the question remains the same because until next time we come up with the best solutions.


Sometimes you have the resources only utilization is all that matters. We start from the beginning considering each minute details of your firm. By processing all the details we integrate your resources to convert it into the next big thing that the world looks on. It may be financial or any other field which requires a boost, SENIXA does the same for you.


We never rely on past or present situation, what matters to us is the future that is going to come. We never cling on to our clients but we maintain an unbreakable healthy bond with our clients so that whenever they are in need we could rush out for their help. Our purpose is to ensure the best tax and financial planning so that by incorporating the best strategies our clients remain at the top of their business.

Our Motto

The meal never gets satisfied without dessert and satisfaction is the key to endeavors. Our motto is to provide you with the best satisfactory work for which you approached us. When you realize that every column of your problem has got a green tick indicating you to move ahead, that point when the successful accomplishment of your goal gives you satisfaction, at that point, we come to know our motto has been accomplished.

Vision and Mission

We know that you are among the best in business and being there is not easy. Sometimes even the intellectuals need help because we humans are programmed in such a way that to acquire and seek help is what makes us different. We value your specializations and because of that our vision and mission are to polish your raw skills into processed qualities. All we do is to help the young minds in every possible manner so that by getting proper nurtured they invade their endeavors soon.


Life without dedication becomes numb same is the services without quality. The only matter we are in concern of is to how in this competitive field we can upgrade in such a way that the quality of our services remains the best. Quality with an honest service is what we strive for and for that we always consider the client as our biggest and the only priority amongst the rest.

Our Working Style

It becomes different towards different problems but what we mainly focus on is to build a one-on-one relationship with our client so that each time when we work for them we consider it our goal to accomplish the given task. We work for the betterment of the future even in present we align the results in such a way that the future needs of your ideas get to fulfill.